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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

We all have that group of people we have no clue what to buy for the holidays. Whether it’s your Aunt’s new boyfriend or your 5th cousin twice removed...let’s face it, it’s never easy. However, we’re here to make those decision a tiny bit easier! All you need to know is a few interests and you’re sure to be a gift giving winner.

How To Give Back To Veterans This Holiday Season

The holidays represent a season filled with spending time with loved ones and giving thanks to all of the memories that have been made.


But what about giving back to those that have risked their lives for us? Many of us don’t give it much thought.


Let’s change that and make a difference this holiday season! Discover the ways that you and your family can give back to our veterans.

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

Are you planning on buying a holiday gift to your tech-loving family member, friend, or partner? Gadgets and tech gifts in general have become some of the most popular holiday gifts. Everyone is looking to buy them, but many gadgets come with a heavy price tag…



Having said that, don’t give up your search for a great techy gift. You’ve got the list of the best gifts with affordability in mind. Start to discover the best holiday gifts for your tech-lover today!

5 Cool Ideas for Turning Instagram Photos into Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts to your loved ones, you always want to find a perfect gift that will show that you love and care about them. Sometimes, you want to give them exactly what they need at the moment and other times, you want to give them something special that they did not see coming – something that perhaps has a little bit of your own personality.


You can make some pretty awesome personalized gifts that will show the recipients how much you appreciate them and value your relationship with them. If you lack creativity, you can do a bit of research online, since you can certainly find an infinite number of ideas for custom gifts, many of which you can even make completely on your own.


Speaking of creativity, have you ever thought about Instagram as an inspiration for gifts? If you haven’t, prepare to be amazed, since the following ideas will certainly inspire you to surprise your loved ones with some very cool gifts that they will surely fall in love with.

How To Host A Holiday Party With Just Your Phone

We all love the holiday season, right? Everything from the glimmering lights and Christmas carols to the overwhelming holiday cheer. Well that’s until you accidentally volunteer to host the annual family Christmas party for all of your extended aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. BUT no need to fret because CellularOutfitter’s Social Media Manager, Kaitlin, has got you covered. I'll be showing you how to throw the best holiday bash with just your phone. (Yes, I said with just your phone!) Have a stress free holiday with these simple steps!

Impact of Cell Phones on Family Quality Time



Have you ever looked back at your life wishing you spent more time doing this, focused more on this person, or ever wonder where the times have gone? Now ask yourself, if you didn’t have technology or cell phones at your disposal to get in the way of those missed opportunities, would you still be regretting or wishing you did things differently?

4 Best Apps To Find Black Friday Deals

Every single year, millions of people in the US and in some other countries flock towards stores as retailers offer a variety of discounts on Black Friday. We all love discounts and slashed prices, which is what brings people to all types of stores. But how did it all begin? What is Black Friday?

10 Thanksgiving Wallpapers To Get You Holiday Ready

Spreading happiness & cheer through your smartphone!

Best Mobile Apps to Save Time and Money

There are more than 5 million apps to choose from today for iPhone and Android users, which means there are more phone apps than people living in all of Los Angeles! Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are designed to bring convenience and entertainment in our everyday lives.

10 Custom Phone Case Gift Ideas

Every holiday season comes a new gift idea. Check out the top 10 custom case gift ideas from CellularOutfitter today! 

Don't miss out and make your loved one a one of a kind accessory!

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