There is a trend among tech blogs lately where the main subject revolves around cats. Being a self-proclaimed dog lover, I really don’t understand the fascination and obsession with these furry creatures. Of course if you want to have a picture of your beloved Mittens on your cell phone case, that’s fine but I would love to not see an update about the growing trends of the feline persuasion in technology blogs.

The article that sent me over the edge discussed the new apps that are created not for humans but for cats. That’s right made 100% for the animal. The games basically consist of a target on a screen, and when the cat swats at the screen a sound or light goes off. The more advanced versions have mice as targets where most free versions have red dots, there goes the days of playing with laser pointers. Apps for Cats, Cat Game, and Cat Toy are some of the apps that are similar to this idea. These games are said to be the first competitive video gaming for animals, God help us if this turns into a trend.

I will say that if people are interested in this new app that’s fine, but they should keep their cat inspired cell phone accessories to themselves.