width=The smartphone has met its perfect business-needs solution in the form of Intuit's GoPayment, allowing small business owners around the world the ability to accept credit card payments wirelessly.

Small business owners can range from the sole proprietor of a local lemonade stand to even larger enterprises such as fairgrounds, concerts, art-walks, and pop-up shops. Intuit has made GoPayment enabled to support devices on Android™, BlackBerry® and iOS platforms for most popular 3G and 4G LTE smartphones and tablets, maximizing the usability of the app to consumers of the major mobile and cellular markets. Intuit, developer of QuickBooks, has also made sure that GoPayment and more recent versions of QuickBooks are able to sync in order to reduce redundant manual entry. Since QuickBooks is the flagship of small business bookkeeping and transactions, Intuit makes the experience as seamless as it can get.

According to Intuit's recent press release, 'the card reader simply plugs into the audio jack of a supported smartphone or tablet. Credit and debit cards can be swiped through the card reader or entered into the app manually. The transaction is processed immediately and funds are automatically deposited into a user's bank account within a few business days.'

Verizon Wireless retail stores now have Intuit GoPayment available with free hardware after purchase in-store and a $30 mail-in rebate. The standard version of GoPayment entails a a 2.7 percent fee per transaction; however, upgrading to the $12.95 per month premium version enjoy a 1.7 percent fee instead. Intuit is also offering two months free for the premium version upon initial purchase.

Chris Hylen, general manager of Intuit's Payment Solutions division, states about the potential of GoPayment, 'Rather than lose out on potential business, anyone who sells a product or service can now easily and affordably give their customers the option of paying with plastic. GoPayment is meeting a huge need and is one of the fastest growing mobile payment solutions in the market.'

Those wary of the pros and cons regarding online transactions in general may be irked by the fact that their payment and other personal information are at the whims of merely a smartphone and an app. Why not go the extra mile to protect your customers' data by purchasing a cell phone cover and/or cell phone screen guard?