rural america

People that have traveled across the United States from the west coast to the east coast or from north to south, is familiar with the wide range of cultural differences and disparity of services offered. Despite being brought together under the red, white, and blue, there are various services still absent, especially in rural areas. Major cities have long been hubs for technology and innovation, but this has created a major disparity between cities and rural areas, which is also a reflection of the economic state of the United States. The educated and white collar workers gravitate towards cities, while rural areas remain largely populated by blue collar workers. Although many major services are now offered throughout cities, there is still room to improve the infrastructure in place

LightSquared, the world’s first integrated 4G LTE broadband and satellite network, plans to help improve GPS and broadband services in rural areas. They have announced a partnership with the Empower Rural America Initiative, which is working to establish a broadband infrastructure in areas where services are absent or inadequate. The organization is trying to bridge the gap of services offered to all Americans. They hope that the newly created network will provide needed wireless communication services and improve GPS services, which will be deployed during emergency disaster situations, such as tornadoes and floods. A dedicated broadband network provides a communication solution when major networks become disrupted during disasters. A major cause of deaths during disasters is the lack of communication and delayed warning system, which is a common issue in small towns. The broadband system will also assist in agriculture, where GPS technology is utilized to improve farming techniques.

We commend LightSquared's efforts to connect and bring much needed services to rural parts of America. It will help connect thousands of Americans and open up brand new opportunities. Consumers will also finally enjoy consistent coverage for their cell phones wherever they go. After providing full coverage for the United States, we hope that LightSquared will move on to address similar issues that are common throughout other parts of the world. There are various third-world countries that could greatly benefit from a similar type of initiative.