The idea is strange, the concept of having loving feelings towards your electronics, but if you really think about it it’s not that odd. We associate love with our cars, favorite clothing, and houses so why not love the items you use the most throughout the day. You may have a love affair with your phone or laptop and not even realize it.

One of the proposed reasons for the warm feelings is that the products make our lives easier. Any question can be answered within a split second and they are our main gateway to communication. When we are separated from this technology we grieve it as a loss, it is an extension of yourself. People do not love the actual electronic but rather the benefits the software provides. With the increase in technology comes the increase of attachment.

How you treat your electronics is another indicator of how attached you are to the product. If you have the latest cell phone accessories and you take your time picking out your favorite cell phone covers, then most likely you are infatuated with your phone.

Although the love is fleeting, most people upgrade or change products every six months or so, the attachment to our electronics is ever increasing.