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Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories For Your Carry-on


It’s time for travel again! In today’s society, taking technology with you everywhere is a must, especially to beat those long flights. You’ve packed all your clothes and your toothbrush and of course no one ever leaves the door without their phone. Most people use their phones on flight to beat the long boredom. So if you’re someone who always brings a carry-on bag, there are definitely some certain cell phone accessories that you won't want to forget.

Top 5 Things We Want To See Our Cell phones Have/ Be Able to Do By The Year 2020


The evolution of smartphones has improved tremendously since the iPhone back in 2007 has been introduced. It was a major leap to transform and introduce a new type of phone that changed the world. Ever since then, the mobile industry has become one of the fastest growing industries, which is why every year; you can look forward to a new and upgraded model your previous phone. Year after year, smartphones are getting thinner and even bigger, battery life is getting longer, and internal hardware and storage capacity has all improved. So what can you expect down the road in five years?

Are Lightning Headphones for the iPhone 7 going to be better than regular headphones?


Are Lightning Headphones for the iPhone 7 going to be better than regular headphones?

Purses are Out. Hello Wristlets


When you reach inside your handbags and purses, what are the most important items in there? Some may say their mini mirrors, but let's focus on the two things you would never leave behind anywhere you go: your phone and your wallet. Wouldn’t it be easier to just bring those two items with you without the inconvenience of a big bag on your shoulder in inconvenient situations?

Safety Tips While Using Your Power Bank/Portable Charger


Power banks and portable chargers are meant to be portable, convenient and friendly to use when your mobile devices are low on energy. Many portable chargers today, run on lithium-ion batteries to deliver the best charge for devices running low on energy. Power banks will ensure your phones are properly charged whether you’re going on a hiking trip or making sure your device has enough energy to last throughout your meetings. There is no doubt these products are safe to use, but like all electronics, there are some safety tips to remember when using your portable chargers to help you take the most advantage of these products.

What are Tempered Glass Screen Protectors?


So you’ve spent a good amount buying a new smartphone and you’re looking for ways to keep it looking new. You’re buying different cases that are pretty promising to protect your device. Now you’ve had your phone for awhile, and you’re beginning to see scratches or maybe even cracks because you’ve even dropped a fairly heavy object on your screen but no where else because you’ve protected the back side of your device. Many people have their phone’s protection focusing too much on the phone case but overlook the side they touch and see the most, leaving them to spend a fortune repairing their screens. Let’s explore the technology of tempered glass, and why these are the perfect solutions for optimal screen protection.

5 Apps that Help you Save Time and Money

Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are designed to bring convenience in our everyday lives. Useful apps should be quick and ready to go whether you need to do some online shopping, travel, find a restaurant nearby and even keep track of all your spending. There are more than 2 million apps to choose from today for iPhone and Android users, and that can be a quite a hassle to pick out the best ones. Lets dive into 5 essential apps that save you time and money and make your life a little easier, because that’s what apps are for.

There Is Nothing You Can Do To Stay Safe – Research Shows Bluetooth Just As Distracting As Talking On Your Phone While Driving


It’s illegal to talk on your phone while driving. That’s why there are hands free devices such earpieces, dashboard systems and speakerphone. The law states that you are allowed to use voice activation to answer phone calls and send texts, but does that mean you should still do it? And is it just as dangerous as holding your phone? You’ll be surprised at what the research shows.

The REAL Reason Why You Can't Use Cell Phones On An Airplane


“Please turn off or set all electronic devices to flight mode before takeoff”. Anyone would recognize this sentence if they have ever flew on an airplane. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited on any commercial airline. It can be quite the hassle having been told every time you fly to shut your device off. But why is this?

Car Charger Review - Best Charge For Your Change


The demand of everyday cell phone usage calls for maintaining the convenience of your mobile device when you’re on the run. We need to rely on chargers, especially car chargers when we’re on the go for long distances or even just on the way to work to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of juice. But just like you spend valuable money the best cell phones, it’s important to make important decisions for your phone’s accessories as well. However you don’t need to spend a fortune on car chargers. Here’s a review of the best charge for your change.

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