Hands-Free Is Helpful For More Than Just While Driving


It’s illegal to talk on your phone while driving. That’s why there are hands free devices such earpieces, dashboard systems and speakerphone. The law states that you are allowed to use voice activation to answer phone calls and send texts, but does that mean you should still do it? And is it just as dangerous as holding your phone? You’ll be surprised at what the research shows.

The REAL Reason Why You Can't Use Cell Phones On An Airplane


“Please turn off or set all electronic devices to flight mode before takeoff”. Anyone would recognize this sentence if they have ever flew on an airplane. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited on any commercial airline. It can be quite the hassle having been told every time you fly to shut your device off. But why is this?

Car Charger Review - Best Charge For Your Change


The demand of everyday cell phone usage calls for maintaining the convenience of your mobile device when you’re on the run. We need to rely on chargers, especially car chargers when we’re on the go for long distances or even just on the way to work to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of juice. But just like you spend valuable money the best cell phones, it’s important to make important decisions for your phone’s accessories as well. However you don’t need to spend a fortune on car chargers. Here’s a review of the best charge for your change.

How to Maximize Your Smartphone’s Battery Life


Have you ever wondered what is draining your battery life? There could be many reasons to why your phone battery is not holding up the way you want it to. But it makes sense that your battery would drain given the amount of time you spent on it, whether it’s due to texting, playing games, watching videos, or making phone calls pretty often. These are all pretty common everyday activities to do on your smart phone. However, you can still manage how much you use your battery with some hidden tricks you might not know about.

What Is Keeping You Awake At Night? ~ Blue Light from Electronics

We all have trouble sleeping from time to time. Whether we toss and turn, preoccupied with adding tasks to our mental to do lists or whether a dark cloud has been brewing in our personal lives, it seems like there is always a reason to keep you from the rest your mind so desperately craves. Is it just hard for our bodies to relax after a day of taking life at a running pace or is there a simple explanation? So the question is, what is really keeping you awake at night?

Never Buy A New Phone Again!

It's hard to imagine a time without excited Apple users standing in long lines for the brand new iPhone model or not having to upgrade your cell phone every two years because your current device is no longer adequate. But this dream is not as far out into the future as we may think. With a new cell phone being developed by Google's Advanced Technology and Projects Team, the first modular phone, named Project Ara, will cease any need for complete phone upgrades in the future.

What Is The Difference Between TPU, Rubberized, and Silicone Cases?

What Is The Difference Between TPU, Rubberized,  and Silicone Cases? Okay so you might be wondering what is the difference between TPU, silicone, and rubberized cases? They all sound like soft cases that you put on your phone, right? Why do they have different names? Indeed, they are all protective cases that slip over your phone. But they are not exactly the same. They are made from differ...

So What is Capacity and mAh?

Have you ever looked at your phone’s battery specifications? You may have seen something that looked like this: Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh Have you ever wondered what “capacity” and “mAh” stand for? Capacity is the total amount of energy your battery can store. Capacity is measured in mAh, which stands for millamps-hour.The higher the mAh, the higher the capacity. The higher the c...

Completely Awesome But Sort of Unnecessary iOS 7 Features

If you haven’t heard already from every Apple junkie on your news feed, you can download the new iOS 7 today! Well that’s great! So What does it do? <a href="http://blogs.computerworld.com/ios/22825/upgrading-apples-ios-7-what-you-need-know">It does lot of things actually.</a> There are over 200 new features including a layered user interface, a wonderfully convenient control...

Bigger is Better: Phablets On The Rise

By Zachary Drexler For decades, improving technology usually meant finding ways to make devices smarter and smaller. Remember when that fugly chunky gray Game Boy was replaced by the Game Boy Pocket? That thing was a grade-a godsend. But now, in the realm of smartphones and tablets, we're seeing a reversal to this trend. Last year, Boston-based Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab condu...
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