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11 Best iPhone 7 Plus Wallets, Wristlets, & Clutches

Discover the easy to use wallet cases that CellularOutfitter has to offer!

Discover the 11 best iPhone 7 Plus wallets, wristlets, and clutches today! From products with extra card slots to removable cases, these accessories have it all to be your next must have! Start reading now!

Best Cell Phone Accessories To Bring On Your Flight

 Check out the best cell phone accessories to bring on your next flight.


While getting ready to visit your friends and family for the holidays, you’ve packed your clothes, toothbrush, and of course,you’re not leaving the door without your phone. Most people use their phones on flights to beat the long hours of boredom, but many forget their phone accessories that help create the best in-flight experience. So if you’re someone who always brings a carry-on bag, there are definitely certain cell phone accessories that you won't want to forget.


5 Amazing Smartphone Features That We Want To See Now


The evolution of smartphones has improved tremendously since the iPhone was introduced back in 2007. It was a major leap to transform and introduce a new type of phone that changed the world. Ever since then, the mobile industry has become one of the fastest growing industries, which is why every year; you can look forward to a new and upgraded model your previous phone. Year after year, smartphones are getting thinner and even bigger, battery life is getting longer, and internal hardware and storage capacity has all improved. So what can you expect down the road in five years?

Is It Worth It For Apple To Remove The Headphone Jack On The iPhone 7?


It’s almost that time again for a new cellphone. The iPhone 7 is coming soon and there are quite a few changes and improvements being made. Aside from all the talk on the appearance of the phone, a controversial subject has been going around about Apple losing its headphone jack for the new phone model. With all the mixed opinions out there, it’s one of the biggest physical changes of the iPhone. Big changes can get some time to get used to, but should they be embraced if they’re efficient changes?

Day Trip Travel Tip: Purses Stay Home!

Discover these super cute wallet cases from CellularOutfitter.


Reach inside your purse. What do you need? Some may say their lipstick or their other beauty products, but let's be honest. What do you REALLY need? Your phone and your wallet.

Top 5 Power Bank Safety Tips

Check out our top 5 safety tips on how to use and choose your power bank today!



Power banks and portable chargers are meant to be convenient, friendly, and easy to use. Many power banks today, run on lithium-ion batteries to deliver the best charge for devices running low on energy. Power banks ensure your phone is properly charged whether you’re enjoying a morning hike or on a week long road trip. There is no doubt these products are safe to use, but like all electronics, there are some safety tips to remember when using your power bank.

What You Need To Know About Tempered Glass Screen Protectors


Keep your phone scratch free and brand new! Come and explore the technology of tempered glass and why it’s created the perfect solution for phone care and safety.


The Research Behind Distracted Driving

Check out the research behind distracted driving and stay safe!


“Smartphone ownership is growing. In 2011, 52 percent of drivers reported owning a smartphone, and by 2014 that number had grown to 80 percent. The greatest increases in smartphone ownership are among adults age 40 and older.” - State Farm

Why Can’t You Use Your Cell Phone On An Airplane?

Check out the real reason why you can't use your cell phone in-flight with today!


“Please turn off or set all electronic devices to flight mode before takeoff.”

Anyone would recognize this sentence if they had ever flown on an airplane. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) banned the in-flight use of most cell phones and wireless devices back in 1991 due to the threat of cellular tower interference that could potentially lead to a crash. In order to stress in-flight safety, passengers on an aircraft are not allowed to argue or disobey the flight staff on this issue as this could to possible jail time.

Find The Best Car Charger For You

Find your perfect car charger at CellularOutfitter today!


Cell phones have become the essential gadget for our everyday lives and with that maintaining our smartphones have also become a giant priority. Since we don’t have access to technology that does not require charging, we have become very reliant on chargers, especially car chargers. Everyone is on the go and so charging whenever or wherever you are is extremely important. However you don’t need to spend a fortune on keeping your already expensive smartphone charged and ready to go. Here’s how you can find the best car charger for you.

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