I’ll admit it. I sing in the shower. And if Simon Cowell was in there, he’d be brought to tears. I’m not a big fan of having to lug my iPod dock into the bathroom and plug it into the wall in order to blast my latest Kesha mix. If only there were some sort of super portable device that practically fit in my pocket and served as an iPod/iPhone dock.

Ask and ye shall receive right? Almost. This is the Waldok and it is more or less awesome. For those who didn’t watch the video, it is a cell phone accessory that not only plays music from your iPhone or iPod, but also doubles as a cell phone charger to power up your device while you take that extra long shower.

The minds behind the Waldok have created a prototype, but are looking for funding over at kickstarter.com to iron out the final details and get this puppy into mass production. Quite frankly, I’m shocked that they haven’t managed to find a private investor willing to pony up the cash for this gizmo, however, it’s just as likely that they don’t want a major investor to muck up their vision.

Hopefully this is a device that comes to fruition, as it is infinitely cool, and looks a whole lot better than my iPod dock looks on my already cluttered bathroom counter.