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Cell Phone Bluetooth & Hands-Free

Cell Phone Bluetooth & Hands-Free

Stay safe on the roads with a Bluetooth handsfree kit. If you want to keep using your cell phone's capabilities but want to avoid paying a pricey traffic ticket, a bluetooth headset is the way to go. Optimize your smartphone with a quality handsfree headset. All of our Bluetooth devices are designed with the user's ease in mind. Save big on the industry's top products at Cellular Outfitter, the go-to destination for deals and steals.

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When people hear the term Bluetooth, most of the time they just think about a little headset speaker that let's you talk through your phone hands free. While this is one use of Bluetooth, there are many more ways that devices utilize Bluetooth technology in order to connect to phones wirelessly. Bluetooth is actually the technology that allows two devices to communicate without wires. Usually this means that the devices need to be near one another, but depending on the device, the distance can be quite far. Nearly all smartphones have Bluetooth capability, and more and more companies are starting to create products that take advantage of Bluetooth as more and more customers are desiring to go completely wireless.

If you're wondering what else you can connect to your cell phone wirelessly, here are some examples:
1. Speakers: There are tons of speakers that are going wireless, as people want to play music through their phones, but don't want to have to give up the usage of their phone by having to leave it plugged into a sound system.
2. Audio dongle: This is basically a small piece of equipment which usually plugs into a 3.5mm jack, and allows the it is plugged into to connect to your phone through Bluetooth. So, if you want a set of Bluetooth speakers, but already have a sound system, you don't need to go out and buy a whole new system, you just need this adapter.
3. Keyboards: More and more people are typing longer form on their smartphones and tablets. And, while some people don't mind the small touch screens, for others, having a keyboard is imperative.
4.Headsets: These are the classic devices associated with the term, "Bluetooth." A great way to be hands free while driving, or just in general. Just remember to hang up before you get in line at Starbucks.
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