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Pantech Laser P9050 Cell Phone Accessories

Pantech Laser P9050 Accessories

The cheapest prices on the highest quality Pantech Laser P9050 are all here at CellularOutfitter.com! Never pay retail again with our lowest price guarantee! Your Pantech Laser P9050 deserves to have the best accessories, but the best doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive either. At Cellular Outfitter, you'll find accessories that fit your budget and needs. Shop today and start saving now!
Pantech Laser P9050 Cell Phone Accessories
Does the phone come with any kind of a battery charger?
Asked by Wendell Reed  |  2014-05-31
1 Answer
Answer  Our Pantech Laser P9050 does come with a home wall charger.   
Reply  I also wanted to know if this is a new phone and I don't see where I got my 25 percent off. If this is not true I need you to cancel my order as I can buy the phone at a another site new for $59.95. thank you   
Reply  I called last night to cancel my order and a guy by the name of Jesus told me it had already bent sent. They would be sending out a confirmation email at 8 o'clock. I still do not have anything saying it was shipped. Its not in my spam either. I don't know if I was just told that because I wanted to cancel the order or not. Also the page I ordered the phone off of said by ordering Saturday I would get 25 percent off my order. He advised me they don't give 25 percent off phones however I didn't see any where that it said that. I not very please with the way your company does business. As it stands now I wouldn't recommend your company to anybody.   
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