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Nokia Lumia 520 Cell Phone Accessories

Nokia Lumia 520 Accessories

The cheapest prices on the highest quality Nokia Lumia 520 are all here at CellularOutfitter.com! Never pay retail again with our lowest price guarantee! Your Nokia Lumia 520 deserves to have the best accessories, but the best doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive either. At Cellular Outfitter, you'll find accessories that fit your budget and needs. Shop today and start saving now!
Nokia Lumia 520 Cell Phone Accessories
how do i get my gmail once it is installed?
Asked by melanie preston  |  2014-12-27
1 Answer
Answer  how do i get my gmail once it is down loaded? how do i get into the inbox on my lumina 520   
my lumia 520 is affected by virus.what must i do ?
Asked by Thulani Nzimande  |  2014-06-18
2 Answers
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Answer  hi, i have a Nokia 520s but tha problam is how i can get to wor in other coutry i wish i can get a code becaused oes not work in my country. how i can get the code.   
is it dual sim?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-05-18
1 Answer
Answer  We actually don't sell the Nokia Lumia 520 phone model. This page is a listing of the Accessories that we carry for this phone.   
Do you have a hard cover that closes over the phone so that the screen does not get scratched when put in a purse?
Asked by RAY PRICE  |  2014-04-20
1 Answer
Answer  We do offer leather pouches that completely enclose your Nokia Lumia 520: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-7-sm-1632-sc-7-nokia-lumia-520-at-t--cases-and-pouches.html   
how do i transfer a movie using blue tooth?
Asked by Trevor Valentine  |  2013-12-29
1 Answer
Answer  We would glad to provide details regarding data transfer on your Nokia Lumia 520. Start by connecting your Nokia via USB to PC In Phone memory or SD Card, create a folder inside *Saved Pictures Named "Videos". Paste your videos inside that folder. Switch on your Bluetooth. Go to that folder, tap and hold the video you want to share, Choose share>Bluetooth.   
how do i install blackberry messenger on my phone?
Asked by Trevor Valentine  |  2013-12-29
1 Answer
Answer  The Blackberry Messenger App would be downloaded using the settings menu on your phone under the Store or Apps setting.   
is it a dual sim?
Asked by augustine opondo  |  2013-12-22
1 Answer
Answer  The Nokia Lumia 520 is not a dual sim phone.   
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