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ZTE Savvy Z750C Cell Phone Accessories

ZTE Savvy Z750C Accessories

It's very easy to walk into a cellular carrier store with the intent of just buying a new cell phone, and then leaving with a whole bunch of accessories you never knew you needed! Most of the time, those accessories are overpriced and simply not worth the high price tag. Fortunately, Cellular Outfitter is here to supply all your cell phone accessory needs! If you're the proud owner of a new ZTE Savvy cell phone, then purchase all the accessories you need right from your computer without spending a ridiculous amount! We have the lowest prices guaranteed, so you can shop confidently with some change to spare!
ZTE Savvy Z750C Cell Phone Accessories
How do I delete or uninstall apps from my straight talk ZTE Savy?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-06-14
1 Answer
Answer  In order to uninstall Apps from your ZTE Savvy, please locate the App in your ZTE App store and select the Uninstall Button.   
Hi, Last night I place an order and it said declined. I knew I had money in the account I was trying to use so I tried placing the same order again. I now have two charges on my account. How do I cancel one of the orders?
Asked by Tammie WIlson  |  2014-01-06
1 Answer
Answer  I am sorry for any problems that you experienced in ordering for your ZTE Savvy. Because there was an attempt made to place the order and even though it was declined it may still show as a pending charge on your account that will fall off in 3-5 business days if not sooner depending on your bank. Please feel free to contact us at sales@cellularoutfitter.com for further assistance.   
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