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Apple iPhone 3G/3G S Cell Phone Accessories

Apple iPhone 3G & 3GS Accessories

The cheapest prices on the highest quality Apple iPhone 3G/3G S are all here at CellularOutfitter.com! Never pay retail again with our lowest price guarantee! Your Apple iPhone 3G/3G S deserves to have the best accessories, but the best doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive either. At Cellular Outfitter, you'll find accessories that fit your budget and needs. Shop today and start saving now!
Apple iPhone 3G/3G S Cell Phone Accessories
Will a Apple IPHONE 3 work in a 3G/3Gs case also what is cost for new battery ?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-09-27
1 Answer
Answer  If you have the Applie iPhone 3, then the following covers will be compatible with your iPhone: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-17-sm-613-sc-3-apple-iphone-3g-3g-s-covers-and-gel-skins.html I have provided a link to the batteries available for your iPhone 3 to better assist you: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-17-sm-613-sc-1-apple-iphone-3g-3g-s-batteries.html   
I want a bumper case for my 3g. Where can I find one?
Asked by Clifford Emery  |  2014-05-27
1 Answer
Answer  While we do not carry a Bumper Case for your iPhone 3G/3G S, I have included a link to the cases that are in stock: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-17-sm-613-sc-3-apple-iphone-3g-3g-s-covers-and-gel-skins.html   
IM Whats is different between 3g and 3gs I Phone n functionality?
Asked by Vicent nickson  |  2014-04-22
1 Answer
Answer  The Apple iPhone 3 and Apple iPhone 3gs are the same phone, 3G actually refers to internet speed.   
Reply  thanks Tina for us Answer IM i want to bought i phone 3Gs but ma friends advice me its old vesion i wonder im in Africa Tanzania xo what can i do to Have that phone?   
i have an iphone 3 g phone and need a new belt clip holder for it. Does the swiss leatherware alps vertical universal cell phone /carrying case item # lc4-alps-swiss-v14 Item id 192818 have a belt clip on it or is it just a carrying case?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-01-26
1 Answer
Answer  Our Swiss Leatherware Alps Vertical Universal Cell Phone Carrying Case/Pouch for Apple iPhone 3G/3G S- Pink is equipped with a belt clip.   
in looking for an animal cell phone cover for an lg cosmo3 phone?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-01-04
1 Answer
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