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Apple iPhone 4 Cell Phone Accessories

Apple iPhone 4 Accessories

Looking to make your iPhone 4 even better? You've come the right place. This is where you'll find everything you need to get the most out of your iPhone 4. We carry thousands of products including cases, chargers, and batteries. Enhance the appearance of your iPhone 4 with a visually stunning faceplate, cover, or skin. Heighten your phone's durability with screen protectors and heavy-duty cases. Take your iPhone anywhere with our holders, holsters, mounts, and pouches. Stay safe on the road with our hands free devices, Bluetooth headsets, kits, and speakers. Cellular Outfitter has the best deals on the iPhone 4 accessories that you need to optimize your device. Shop now and enjoy the lowest prices on the net.

Apple iPhone 4 Cell Phone Accessories
locked by password how to open this phone?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-08-12
1 Answer
Answer  I would recommend contacting your carrier or Apple directly in regards to the issue you're having.   
do you have camera lens attachments for the g4?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-07-28
1 Answer
Answer  Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any phone's listed under the model number you provided. Can you please verify the make and model number of your phone? There are three ways to identify the make and model of your phone. 1. Access the following in your phone : Phone Settings > About Phone/Phone info or something along those lines 2. Remove the battery and check the back of the phone 3. Call your phone carrier to get the make and model >Once I have this information I can better assist you.   
I have Iphone 4 but I do not have button for software upgrade. What I have to do?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-06-10
3 Answers
View all answers
Answer  model no 21387   
looking for best waterproof cover available?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-04-15
1 Answer
Answer  While we do not carry waterproof covers for your iPhone 4 , I have included a link to the cases that are in stock: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-17-sm-968-sc-3-apple-iphone-4-covers-and-gel-skins.html   
how much is a new glass for iphone 4?
Asked by Josh Napolitano  |  2014-03-29
1 Answer
Answer  I am very sorry but we currently do not carry glass screen replacements for the iPhone 4. We are adding new products all the time so I would recommend checking back periodically.   
how much it is the iphone 4?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2013-12-06
1 Answer
Answer  I have included a link to the Apple iPhone 4 phones that we have available as well as their prices: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/cp-sb-17-apple-wholesale-cell-phones.html   
Every year, we see the release of bigger and better smartphones. Manufactures replace their devices with revised models on an almost annual basis. Whereas most phones from 2010 have become obsolete, the iPhone 4 continues to sell in huge numbers.

Although it may no longer be the smartest phone on the market, its user-friendly interface, affordable price point, and attractive features make it the ideal device for first-time smartphone buyers. In fact, most carriers offer the iPhone 4 for free with contract.

People continue to love its 3.5-inch Retina Display with 640x960 pixels. The iPhone 4 also features a 5 MPl camera, an additional front-facing video camera, 720p HD video recording, a Micro SIM slot, and LED flash. Cellular Outfitter offers the best protection to keep these high-quality features intact with hundreds of iPhone 4 accessories.

The iPhone 4 is still a powerful little machine. Its lithium ion 1420 mAh battery provides 300 hours of standby time, 40 hours of music listening, and 7 hours of talktime on a 3G network. The model is compatible iOS 6.1, possesses many of the features found in newer models, and is easy to organize.

At Cellular Outfitter, we realize that the iPhone 4 is still a very popular device. We carry hundreds iPhone 4 accessories, so that you can get the most out of your device.
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