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Candy Music 3.5mm Keychain Vibration Speaker (Blue)
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Candy Music 3.5mm Keychain Vibration Speaker (Blue)

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Cute, petite, and bright-colored, this Candy vibration speaker lets you share your music in style and set this growing trend among your friends. Forget those clichéd devices that are either too bulky or too weak. With this incredibly small vibration speaker, you can get the party started anytime, anywhere! All it needs is a thin or hollow surface for it to vibrate on. Simply stick the head on its surface and watch what it does with sound. It's compatible with devices that use the standard 3.5 mm audio jack and it weighs only 8 oz, making it easy for you to attach to your purse or mobile device.
Great for MP3 Players or CD players, camcorders, and PSP
High quality stereo audio performance and durability
Power Output: 2W
Includes 3.5mm cable, USB charging cable, and Power Booster Cable
A pull-out 3.5 mm plug
Constructed out of ABS material and has a gel adhesive
Built-in Li-Ion battery
Available in many colors!
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