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KeiPad Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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KeiPad Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Easily prevent smashed, scratched or damaged screens!
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The KeiPad Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the ultimate solution for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2's display. It is made from tempered glass, an incredibly strong material that prevents scratches, cracks, and damages, while remaining extremely sensitive to your finger. There are many screen protectors out there that keep your screen clean. But many of them are often made from inferior materials that inhibit your touch screen's sensitivity. The KeiPad is different. It is designed to maintain every last bit of sensitivity in your Samsung Galaxy Note 2's display, providing a better overall experience. The KeiPad is resistant to fingerprints, oil, and water droplets. It is extremely thin and extremely transparent. You will forget that it is even on your display. Shop now and get superior protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
Protects against scratches, cracks, and smudges
Resistant to fingerprints
Made from a special tempered glass
Maintains touchscreen sensitivity
Designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Easy application process
Cleaning cloth and alcohol prep pad included
Reduces amount of radiation from the LCD to the user
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