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8x Zoom Phone Lens with Case and Neck Strap for Samsung Galaxy S4, Black
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8x Zoom Phone Lens with Case and Neck Strap for Samsung Galaxy S4, Black

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The Pro-Series 8x Zoom Lens w/ Adjustable Focus is an extension to your phone's camera that takes better-quality photos of distant objects or landscapes. It works with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and is easy to use. The Pro-Series 8x Zoom Lens can provide long-distance shots as well a distant view for the user. This product creates a wide angle and prevents contortion of the image which results in high quality photos. With the Pro-Series 8x Zoom Lens, the focus can be easily adjusted with the naked eye.
Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4
Takes long distance shots
Premium design for high quality photos
Clear case with easy to install lens attachment
Easy-to-adjust focus for sharper images
Overcomes phone cameras that are typically near-sighted
Ideal for color reduction
Comes with neck strap for carrying convenience
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