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Apple iPhone 4 Mobius Rechargeable Battery Case (1800 mAh) (White)
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Apple iPhone 4 Mobius Rechargeable Battery Case (1800 mAh) (White)

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Power up for less.

Keep your phone fully charged with this functional solar-powered battery case. It keeps your phone safe from scratches and powers up your phone when there's sunlight. Great for the outdoors, the highly-efficient solar panel draws in sunlight and charges your phone.

Besides providing energy for your phone's battery, the case works as a power bank to give it more juice. You can check the solar charge indicator to see when the case is charging. The battery charge indicator shows how much battery life is left. You can toggle between standby or charge modes as needed so you can the get most life for your phone. When not in use, connect the case to your computer to charge or transfer files without having to take off the case. Whether for everyday use or in case of an emergency, this practical case gives your phone some extra life when needed!

Extend the battery life of your phone!
Durable case with built-in solar panel
Protective case with comfort fit design
1800 mAh adds extra battery life to device
Extended usage after full charge offers 6 hrs of talk time/ 8 hrs surfing time/ 8 hrs of video playback/ 32 hrs audio playback
Battery charge indicator shows external battery life
Standby switch toggles between standby and charging mode whenever ready for use
Charge or transfer data through USB without removing case
Color: White
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