Samsung Galaxy S4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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  • Shatterproof your screen for less than $10
  • Made from real reinforced glass panes
  • Ultra thin: you won't notice it on your phone
  • Oil-resistant coating repels greasy fingerprints
  • Self-adhesive backing applies effortlessly in seconds
  • The ultimate peace of mind - avoid destroying your Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Includes cleaning cloth and preparation pad

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It's good but ....
It's good but it has a huge finger print and smudge problem.
The only I could get it not to smudge so bad it using RainX .
It's a water repellent for car windows but it also works to help keep down the prints and smudges.
There are also some imperfections in the quality of the glass.
If you hold it horizontally at eye level you can see some waves in the glass.
But it went on easily and perfectly and fit perfectly as well.
Review by Ron

nice product
Well designed simple to install no problems at all
Review by David

Great and Cost Effective
Since I have an older Galaxy (S4), my carrier no longer stocks the screens protectors. I was happy to see them at such a wonder price but even ore pleased when I realized the quality! Love it. Also ordered them for my husband's S6 - at a price of $10 vs the carrier's price of $25, we are very happy.
Review by Barbara

Great product
Looks good on phone
Review by John

No problems
Since I put the screen protector on my phone, I've dropped it a few times. There has not been any damage to my screen or the screen protector that I can see. The only recommendation I have is that the instructions should be printed in a more visible location and should be free of grammatical errors.
Review by Ma2-2Kids

Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protector
Fantastic product!!! I thank the genius that thought of this. As long as I own a touch screen phone, I will always have a tempered glass protector on it. A must have for any touch screen phone.They work!!
Review by ???

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Tempered Glass Screen Protector
A must have for any touch screen phone. I dropped my phone and it landed on the top left corner, chipping the edge and putting a small crack in the protector. I would advise anyone, who has a touch phone to spend a little more for the tempered glass protectors. They are well worth the cost! Mine saved my phone from an expensive repair. I would Rate them higher if I had the option.
Review by ???

Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Love this screen protector!! very durable and easy to put on
Review by jxkelle

good protection
Need this screen to protect my phone. It is replacing the last one I had. The protector cracked, instead of my glass on the phone. Saved me time and money.
Review by oneqkbenz

Case and svreen gard
The case protector and the screen protector make me feel that my phone is out of harms way. Thank you
Review by Brandy

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Product Questions

Can I put a Lifeproof Nuud case over a glass screen protector on Galaxy S4?
Can I put this on my Galaxy S4 and then put a Lifeproof Nuud case over it?
Will this work on a Galaxy S4 Active model phone?
will my otter box defender case still work if i use the tempered glass screen?
My husband dropped his S4 and cracked the left upper corner after having the phone for 2 days. Can't afford to replace it with dedutible amount now. Would you recommend this or something else to help him get by until we can get it fixed? He bought a Lifeproof case but you can't hear him or the person on the other end when the case is on.

A new Samsung Galaxy S4 costs over $700. Don't risk a broken screen.

It's ridiculously easy to shatter your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S4 screen. Think about it: how many times did you drop your old phone? It's a brutal experience, complete with a few moments of sheer panic as you scrape your phone off the ground and await its fate. The lucky few escape with some scrapes and scuffs, while the rest of us get to face the hard truth that phones weren't designed to withstand much abuse, let alone unprotected freefalls onto hard surfaces.

The formula for an optimal mobile experience doesn't include a cracked or fractured screen, so you're left with few options. Sure, you can shell out several hundred of your hard-earned dollars to an “expert” at a mall kiosk or ship your phone off to some Internet outfit and hope it returns in pristine condition. You can load up on tiny screwdrivers, a soldering gun and run with the DIY approach (subsequently voiding your warranty and risking complete loss of functionality). Or maybe the damage is so far beyond repair that a new phone is the only solution. That's going to cost you.

The answer to ultimate screen protection isn't a flimsy piece of plastic. Those don't stand a chance against asphalt, cement, hardwood floors or tile. To sufficiently guard your screen, you'll need true high-definition armor. Tempered glass screen protectors are built from scratch and shatterproof glass that absorbs the force of impacts and leaves your screen unscathed after an unfortunate accident. An advanced oil-resistant coating repels fingerprints and smudges so you can watch your favorite videos in crystal clear clarity. The self-adhesive backing applies effortlessly in seconds, leaving a nearly untraceable barrier between your screen and the outside world.

Invest a few dollars now. Save hundreds later.

For less than the cost of a combo meal at your favorite fast food restaurant, you get total screen coverage along with assurance that your phone is protected against clumsy mishaps that could otherwise destroy your Samsung Galaxy S4 .

Technical Specs

Additional Information

Product Type: Screen & Surface Protection
Materials Screen Protector: tempered glass
Finish Screen Protector: high-gloss
Weight: 1.7000
Form Factor Screen Protector: screen only
Amount: 1
Primary Color: Clear
OEM Manufacturer: No
RoHS Certified: No
CE Certified: No
FCC Certified: No
UL Certified: No
Package Contents: Includes cleaning cloth and preparation pad
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
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