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Apple iPhone 4 Covers & Gel Skins

Apple iPhone 4 Covers & Gel Skins

Even after three years on the market and the release of two newer models, the iPhone 4 remains as one of the most popular smartphones available. The iPhone 4 definetly has longevity, and you can increase its lifespan even more with quality iPhone 4 covers & cases at Cellular Outfitter. We strongly recommend shielding your iPhone 4 with quality covers & gel skins. Our protective iPhone 4 cases look great, absorb bumps and damages, and fit like a glove.
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I want some LV knockoff iPhone 4 cases. Where can I find them?
Asked by Joe Hodge  |  2014-07-31
1 Answer
Answer  I have provided a link to all the cases that we offer on CellularOutfitter.com. http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-17-sm-968-sc-3-apple-iphone-4-covers-gel-skins.html   
Do you have customized options available such as adding images?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-06-24
2 Answers
View all answers
Answer  I will look at this site-thank you   
I want hello kitty design i phone 4 cover, do you have any?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-04-27
1 Answer
I'm looking for the cover of a NokiaXpress music 5610 modelo5610-2b typeR-M 359?
Asked by Roberto Tobar  |  2014-03-21
1 Answer
Answer  I am very sorry but we currently do not carry accessories for the NokiaXpress. We are adding new products all the time so I would recommend checking back periodically.   
Can you tell me what type of silicon gel cover is compatible with otter box defender series if there is any at all? Thank you in advance. SA
Asked by Sharon Able  |  2014-01-20
1 Answer
Answer  Unfortunately we do not carry Apple iPhone 4 silicone covers compatible with your Otterbox cover. I would recommend contacting Otterbox directly for a warranty replacement.   
do you have Vera Bradley phone covers for i phone 4 in the Lola?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-01-10
1 Answer
Answer  I apologize but we do not have Vera Bradley covers for the Apple iPhone 4. I have included a link to the covers for your Apple iPhone to better assist you: http://www.cellularoutfitter.com/sb-17-sm-968-sc-3-apple-iphone-4-covers-gel-skins.html   
do you have any iphone coves with hearts on it?
Asked by Tina Sharp  |  2014-01-07
1 Answer


What are the differences between iPhone 4 covers, faceplates, and gel skins?

Silicone Cases
- Softest and smoothest cases available at Cellular Outfitter.
- They have a gummy texture, are easy to grip, and stretch to fit for your mobile device.
- Resistant to dust and keep your mobile device looking clean.
- Available in all sorts of colors, shapes, and designs.

- Made from hard plastic cover.
- Cover one side of your mobile device
- Offer more protection than silicone cases.
- Built to match specific phone models
- Allows full access to device�s buttons and ports.
- Available in many different designs.

Hard Shell Covers
- Made from hard plastic.
- Protect multiple sides of your mobile device.
- Offer more protection than Faceplates and Silicone Cases.
- Specially designed to allow full access their respective mobile devices' buttons, features, and ports.
- You can customize your own Hard Shell Cover with your own original images and artwork.

Rubberized Hard Covers
- Made from hard plastic.
- Soft rubber-like exterior.
- Protect multiple sides of your mobile device.
- Comfortable to touch a
- Snap onto mobile devices for quick installation.
- You to customize your own Rubberized Hard Shell Cover with your own original images and artwork.

Rhinestone & Bling Cases
- Hard Shell Covers covered with decorative rhinestones.
- Shiny, unique, and definitely stand out in a crowd.
- Exudes luxury and attract a lot of attention.
- Snap onto mobile devices for quick installation.

Heavy-Duty Cases
- Provide maximum protection against drops, scratches, and shock damage.
- Strong and durable.
- Ideal for construction sites, outdoors, and other rough environments.
- Additional features for additional functionality; such as kickstands and screen protectors.
- Snap directly onto a mobile device, or the mobile device may be inserted into the case for additional protection.

Hybrid Cases
- Heavy-Duty cases with additional features for added functionality.
- Constructed with multiple layers of different materials for added security and absorbency.
- May include screen protectors, kickstands, and wallets, which makes them bulkier than other cases.

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