12 Popular #Selfie Destinations for 2018

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

The modern day selfie means no more asking strangers to take your pic. The  power is in your hands, literally, it’s your mobile phone. Let’s face it, selfies are pretty much mandatory these days. After all, if it’s not on Instagram it didn’t happen right? Let’s take a look at some of the top selfie destinations of 2018.

Los Angeles

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

One of the greatest things about Los Angeles are the gorgeous murals and street art that leaves no shortage of choices when it comes to the perfect selfie backdrop. From Paul Smith’s ever-popular pink wall to the Polka Dot Wall in the DTLA Arts District, we’ve rounded up some inspo for your next selfie location. Don’t forget your selfie stick to nail all those angles (it even comes in pink).

Carlsbad Flower Fields

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

Fifty acres of fields lined with giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers, but timing is everything for this location. They are only in bloom for approximately six to eight weeks each year, from early March through early May. The flowers come in 13 different colors, including picotee, which is a mixture of variegated colors. This is a selfie dream come true. 

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

Often referred to as the “Best Selfie hotel” the infinity pool at the top of this famous hotel has made it in every “Best Pools in the world” list ever written. Taking a selfie is a must.

Santorini, Greece

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

Blue roof tops, white walls and the perfect turquoise sea, here’s a quick guide through Santorini that demonstrates why this destination is such a picture perfect hot spot. Get a Tripod for your mobile phone and set the timer so you can perch it on a ledge and have more flexibility with your selfies.

The Blue Lagoon- Iceland

image by E! Network

(image courtesy of E! Network)

A blog post on selfies wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include the Queen of Selfies, Kim K. While visiting the Blue Lagoon a few years back, she came prepared with the right kind of mobile accessories for protecting her mobile device. Today, this geothermal spa famous for its milky-blue, mineral rich waters is still a popular selfie destination and it is advised that you bring waterproof covers for your mobile phone to avoid any damage. It could easily drop in, not to mention the steam. We’ll follow Kim’s lead on this one.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas- Maldives islands

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

According to a poll, this destination is the “Most Instagrammable Hotel” in the world. Pristine beaches with crystal clear water and luxurious private rooms, no filter needed for that selfie. You may even consider taking an anti-gravity stick on phone case made just for selfies to help you get the right shot.

Eiffel Tower Paris

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

Like every year, this attraction will remain one of the most photographed and most instagrammed attractions not only in Paris, but in the world. If you are going, why not coordinate with matching mobile accessories.

Stone Street, New York

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

This is an Elite Selfie location in New York with the most flattering lighting ever. It’s the oldest street in the city, lined with coffee shops and classic cobblestone roads. Crowds of people are inevitable in New York, but Stone Street definitely isn’t bringing in Time Square level crowds. This makes it easier to snap that selfie and avoid those photobombers. Having a phone case with a kickstand is a great asset when it comes to selfies.

Exuma Cays, Bahamas

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

Can you get any more insta-worthy than swimming pigs in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas? Turns out these #SwimmingPigs love a good selfie too. When you see them, it will be all smiles, so be sure to do a teeth check. We've got Mirrored cases for that.

Monkey Beach- Phi Phi Isand, Thailand

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

If swimming pigs are not your thing, how about monkeys? Located among the cliffs of the Phi Phi Island in Thailand, Monkey Beach is where you can be entertained by tamed, friendly monkeys. If you are a bit skeptical to approach the monkeys for that selfie, you can watch them from the boat and not go onto the beach.

Antelope Canyon – Arizona

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

Antelope Canyon is a rare and beautiful work of natural art. The ever-moving sun angles create a dazzling trifecta of light, color and shadow making this canyon the perfect backdrop. Lighting conditions are best around mid-morning between April and September, but the other months bring smaller crowds and a more intimate experience where you won’t have to struggle with the crowds to get your selfie.

Tower Bridge-London

12 Popular #selfie Destinations For 2018

One of the most iconic bridges in London, Tower Bridge is definitely a must have photo. You can also go inside the bridge, where you'll have a fantastic view over London from the walkway between the two bridge towers. At night, it lights up beautifully, so if you can’t make it during the day, that’s okay. You’re bound to get a good shot no matter the time.

Location, accessories and practice are the formula for that picture perfect selfie. Share yours on social and tag @CellularOutfitter and add your backdrop location. We could always use some new inspo. Here are some additional travel selfie tips that may help.


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