5 Amazing Smartphone Features That We Want To See Now

5 Amazing Smartphone Features That We Want To See Now

The evolution of smartphones has improved tremendously since the iPhone was introduced back in 2007. It was a major leap to transform and introduce a new type of phone that changed the world. Ever since then, the mobile industry has become one of the fastest growing industries, which is why every year; you can look forward to a new and upgraded model your previous phone. Year after year, smartphones are getting thinner and even bigger, battery life is getting longer, and internal hardware and storage capacity has all improved. So what can you expect down the road in five years?


Believe it or not, with all the different functions that our smartphones are giving us, there is still much room for improvements because there are no limits to technology. But here are 5 amazing features that we hope to see in the future.


1. Built-In Projectors


Why shouldn’t smartphones have this function? Well besides the Samsung Galaxy Beam, a couple years ago, it would be quite useful for this function in all smartphones in the near future. This new and unique tool could be used for teaching, entertainment and business. Students learning everything they need straight from your smartphone. Now that’s a perfect example of using your phone efficiently in class!


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2. Measure More Than Just Your Heart Rate


Phones today already have the ability to monitor your heart rate and how many calories you burned with a simple fitness app. But what if you can take it to a new level? Wouldn’t it be nice if your smartphone has built in sensors that can perform at or near medical grade devices? Everything you need to stay healthy and happy at the palm of your hands. You’ll feel safe and sound knowing exactly how you and your body are doing.


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3. Iris Scanners


In the recent years, smartphones have included a fingerprint ID, another revolutionary change and a great step for biometric technology in phones. But think about unlocking your phones by scanning your eye. A company called EyeVerify, is in the process of making this technology available for smartphones, a reality. This keeps your smartphone perfectly safe, while also being 100% customized to you. Check out EyeVerify and let your smartphone company know what you want for your next upgrade!


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4. Bendable Screens


Technology is meant to be convenient. In the near future, you should expect smartphone to have the ability to bend. Although phones like the LG Flex and Samsung Galaxy S6 include curved screens, they can’t bend the way people mean by “bend”. It would also be impressive if phones can literally be folded away especially if screens do become larger every year. This would create much more comfort to those of us whose jean pockets are no longer fitting our phones.


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5. Better Battery Life

Let’s face it, one of the most common problems smartphone users face today is dealing with their battery life. The constant usage of our phones demands a longer and improved battery life. Sony has recently announced their new battery technology has 40% more capacity than today’s battery and expects it to be implemented in smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops.

Overall with these new amazing features, smartphones can be brought to a whole new level so what are you waiting for? Share your favorite wishful feature and maybe we’ll see it at the next update!

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