Day Trip Travel Tip: Purses Stay Home!

Day Trip Travel Tip: Purses Stay Home!


Reach inside your purse. What do you need? Some may say their lipstick or their other beauty products, but let's be honest. What do you REALLY need? Your phone and your wallet.

Stay Simple And Chic

Leave the world of inconvenience and keep your oversized purses at home! Trust us, your shoulders and arms will thank you later. Invest in a phone case that has it all. Phone cases can be so much more than just simple protection. Although proper protection of your smartphone is crucial, make it even better with a wallet case. With wallet cases ranging from having features such as card slots, removable magnetic cases, protection, and even cash sleeves, you’ll be able to keep everything stored away and in its place.

Take It Everywhere

The great thing about wallet cases are that you can bring them with you anywhere you go and it’s easy to carry. No more shoulder burns or uneven walking. Have everything you need hanging from your wrist! These amazing essentials can be worn to trips to the beach for the ultimate day out in the sun or even a trip to the mall with your bestfriends. With thousands of designs just for you, you won’t be able to resist!

Where To Buy One

If you’re looking for a slightly more luxurious quality wristlets that can even hold more items and fits your every need then you’ll need something like this here.

These leather wristlets from Mobovida are a one of a kind limited edition wristlet made with 100% real leather and sheepskin suede. Wristlets need to be compact and convenient and the Mobovida leather wristlet offers a collection of useful features.

With a pouch for cash or cosmetics, 3 card slots, a secure phone slot, a durable zipper and a leather-stitched strap for your wrist, you can just leave your purse at home. It even has space to include a slot specifically for your Mobovida external power bank to keep your phone charged throughout your day. Will all of this keeping you organized and worry free about losing items, you’ll be taking your wallet case everywhere.

Don’t miss out and start travelling with your wallet case now!


  • I absolutely love cellularoutfitter. They have everything and more for any phone. Plus the prices are amazing. Quality of products are remarkable. Fast delivery. Can’t say enough. I love this site. Thank you😁😁😁😁

  • Considering IPad cases now. Do you have them please?

    Jeanette Rowenn
  • Wish you had more purses

    Debbie fisher

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