How Cell Phone Mounts Will Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever been on a drive and constantly had to look down at your GPS? Not only is this dangerous, but it will end up causing you frustration and can possibly end up with your phone on the floorboard(I have even had mine slip out of the cupholder I had it in) Let’s admit it, sometimes there is just never a good spot to put your phone, whether you are cooking, in the bathroom, or trying to watch something late at night. Sometimes trying to prop it up on something will just make your phone slip and fall, especially in a case that is sleek and does not have rubber. One great solution to this is to use phone mounts, especially in the car, which holds your phone for you in a position that is easier to use and more practical.

So what can you do to solve this problem? Get a phone mount! My phone mounts in my car so that I can see my GPS and drive safely. I’m not fumbling around or looking down anymore, which also makes me feel so much safer. I have one of them that can go in my air vent, like this Zizo Electric Mount. It simply slides in between my air condition vent and viola. Some people have problems where it will slip out of the air vent, but these make sure to stick on and fit on almost any vent.

One I love to keep around the house is this tablet or iPad holder. It’s great when I’m cooking and looking at a recipe, or watching a tutorial in my garage during a project, or trying to fix something. Some cases prop up but this allows me to put it in more places and also angle properly for whatever I am doing. It is also good when you are doing multiple projects, such as doing something on your laptop and having an extra screen to help you out.

For something more casual that I can keep on the go, I use an expandable phone holder. This is great when I’m in the office or on a lunch break, or just want to hold my phone in between my fingers steadier. Sometimes I prop it on the tray of an airplane or when watching something with friends. It’s quick and easy to use, and won’t break if you drop your phone.

Another great one for the car is this horizontal vehicle mount. This will align with your view of the road while not creating another distraction for you. I find this one great for long road trips especially.

These are just some of the uses for cellphone mounts. They allow you to do so much more with your phone and multitask. Feel free to pick up any of the ones we listed and browse others based on your needs. These are sure to make your life simpler, especially the ones for your vehicle, which we strongly recommend, especially for safety reasons.

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