How to Locate Your Phone Model


We’ve all been there—your phone needs a repair, or you want to ask a question to troubleshoot it yourself when, suddenly, you realize that you don’t know your phone model number. Whether you even knew it to begin with or had forgotten it, you must find your specific phone model so that you can receive assistance. It may be at first difficult to figure out which phone model you have, especially as the Android and iPhone troubleshooting for this issue are so vastly different. Additionally, different manufacturers can complicate the traditional location of the phone model.


There are multiple locations that you can search to retrieve this information, most of them being within your phone. We cover the top ways that you can use to locate your phone model, separated by the Android and iOS operating systems below.

Locating an iPhone Mode

1. Look on your phone.

An iPhone, regardless of model number, generation, or version, will likely have the model number on the back of the device itself. This number will be in fine and tiny print under the large “iPhone” label and located after the phone’s manufacturing information. However, due to the fine nature of the text, this model number could be worn down from years of usage. In that case, it is worthwhile to explore other options. To protect your phone from this type of wear and tear, consider using an iPhone case.


2. Check the phone’s box or order receipt.

If you still have the phone’s box or order receipt on hand, both should have the model number printed somewhere and simply requires a careful eye for searching. Some phone boxes even come with a white sticker on the bottom of the box with the model number.


3. Connect to Bluetooth.

If you have Bluetooth capabilities with another phone, your car, or other type of device, you may be able to locate your phone model by connecting. Bluetooth signals your phone model through the phone name listed in possible pairing options under “Available Devices.” Once you connect, your device should be listed as connected at the top with its corresponding model number. If instead of the model number, you see “John’s iPhone,” you will have to utilize another method of locating your phone model.


4. Use your settings.

This id the tried-and-true method to find your phone model. You can easily find your phone model within your settings. First, open the settings app on your phone. When you see “General” in the list of settings options, click on that. Once you have navigated to the General setting page, you should see a category called “About.” After tapping on that, you will be able to see your phone model under “Model Name.”





Locating an Android Phone Model

1. Look on your phone.

Androids will typically have their phone model on the back of their phones. If this is scratched off or faded, however, there are other ways you can locate your phone model.


2. Check the phone’s box or order receipt.

If you still have the phone’s box or order receipt, look for the printed model number. On the box, this information may come in the form of a white sticker. If you ordered your phone online, Android also tends to email the order receipt, which should contain your model’s details.


3. Connect to Bluetooth.

Bluetooth allows you to pair your phone to your car, tablet, or other mobile device under a visible name. For example, if you attempted to connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to find its phone model, Bluetooth will list your phone under “Available Devices” as a possible connection. Once you pair your device with another, your phone should be listed as connected at the top with its corresponding model number. However, say that, instead of the model number, you see “Galaxy S8.” In this case, you will have to find another way to locate your phone’s model.


4. Download a third-party app.

Installing a third-party app, such as Droid Info, will allow you to gather the details of your Android quickly. This app should not just tell you your OS version, but it should also give you the build number, manufacturer, and the coveted phone model.


5. Use your settings.

Unlike iPhones, the ability to use your settings to locate your Android’s model number thankfully does not depend on software updates. However, the path to finding your model number can differ among Android models as well as manufacturers. For all Android phones, the first step is to open your settings through either the Settings App or by toggling the gear icon within the notifications bar.




Here, you have two options, depending on your phone type. If your phone does not have an “About phone” category, then you will have to select the Systems category first to see an option for “About phone.” If you already see the displayed “About phone” text, tap to enter. Once you have opened the “About phone” section, then, depending on your phone, you will either instantly see the model number with other phone details, or you will find that the “Hardware info” section contains the details that you need.


We hope that this information has helped you in your search for your device’s information. If you are interested in protecting your phone from potential damage, check out our diverse selection of Android and iPhone cases and covers, phone screen protectors, and protective wallets and clutches found at Cellular Outfitter.

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