Importance of Amp rating in your charger


We’ve all noticed our phone battery significantly lower than we want it to be, especially right before we go somewhere where we won’t have access to a charger. In a rush, we plug it into something and check it after 10 minutes. Oh no, it’s only gone up 1%!  It can feel like it will take forever to charge, and it ends up dying after an hour or two. Other times we plug it into something and after 5 minutes it’s gone up 15%, so what’s the difference? Why do we sometimes have super-fast chargers or super slow charges?

A BIG part of this is the type of charger you have, and what you plug it into. A battery has a thing called an amperage, or amp, which indicates how much battery can be delivered and how fast. Standard chargers that come with iPhones and older Android phones carry 1 amp of current and put out 5 watts of power.

New chargers like the 2.4 amp car charger and cable can charge your iphone up to 4 or 5 times faster. Charging technology will only increase, and new types of quick charges are being rolled out, some that will be able to charge your phone for 5 hours in 5 minutes! 

One problem that can come from this though is that some batteries are not meant for a charge that is too quick, otherwise they can cause damage to your battery. A good way to avoid this is to use chargers that are native to your phone model, such as using an Apple charger for your iPhone 11. These are designed specifically to be the correct number of amps for your phone. 

Certified chargers won’t do damage to your battery, such as this 2.4 amp wall charger, which isn’t made from cheaper materials that don’t ground electricity properly. So it won’t cause battery problems or ruin the charging capability. 

There are also a few simple things you can do to not run down the battery, such as using low power mode on the iPhone, closing out your apps, and leaving your phone off while charging it. Another trick is to charge your iPhone with an iPad charger, which can halve the charging time, given that the iPad is given more amps so it charges quicker. 

We have a few recommendations for chargers, whether it's for your wall or for your car, for your iPhone or for your Android!

This is the perfect amperage for your car and iPhone, charging your phone quickly without damaging it. 

If you want a regular iPhone charger that has some length and is good for travel, pick up a ZizoCharge 2in1 H10 Adapter and 6ft MFi Certified Lightning Cable, White For iPhones

If you want a charger for your iPhone to your Mac, be sure to pick up our Original Mophie Fast USB-C to Lightning 8-Pin Charge and Sync Cable, Black For iPhones

If you are looking for an adapter to plug into anywhere and get you a speedy charge, check out the Universal 18W Quick Charge USB 3.0 Pd Travel Charger Adapter With IC Chip and Power Delivery, White For Androids

If your Galaxy or Samsung needs a fast charging car charger, then check out a Original Samsung Dual USB Ports Adaptive Fast Car Charger, Black For Galaxy Androids

A powerful wall charger with a 1 amp and 2.4 amp charger ports, this one is especially useful with different types of devices, check it out the Original Zeecel ZR74 2.4A Dual USB Type A Wall Charger, White For Galaxy Androids

If you need a type C car charger with a cable and an extra USB port, check out the Universal 2.1A Type C Car Charger With Attached Cable & One Extra Usb Charing Port - Black For Galaxy Androids

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