Phone Case Buying Guide


We know how important it is to you to keep your phone in pristine condition. It is all too easy to accidentally drop your phone, causing cracks or, even worse, completely shattering your phone screen. This kind of accident can damage your phone beyond repair. Due to high risk of damage, most phone owners choose to protect their phone in a case that meets their individual style.

When deciding on a type of phone case to protect your phone, you must take into consideration multiple factors, including shock absorbency, customer reviews, and features—not to mention your design preferences. Here are four common types of phone cases that can offer unique protection for your phone:


    If you have kids or teenagers (or are even clumsy yourself!), your best bet is to invest in a heavy duty phone case. It may be more difficult to fit in your pocket due to the extra material for protection, but this type of phone case will allow your phone to survive if an accident occurs. This phone case generally functions by using two different types of layers to encase your phone: a harder, outer shell and a shock-absorbent silicone inner layer. As a result of its dependability in protection, some of these phone cases are classified as shockproof.


    2. Slim Phone Case

    A slim phone case, unlike a heavy duty phone case, does not intend to sacrifice aesthetics due to bulkiness. This type of phone case is generally used by those who prefer a sleek design that fits in their pocket with ease. However, this does not mean that a slim phone case offers no protection at all; slim phone cases usually are made out of silicone to ensure grip and shock absorbency. Be careful—this phone case will not likely protect against a major fall. That being said, slim phone cases can protect against scratches and offer some grip to ensure that the phone does not slip from your hand.


    This type of phone case is perfect for those who want options when it comes to phone design. Additionally, its slender profile gives this phone case an air of sophistication.



    3. Fashionable Phone Case

    Phone cases don’t have to be just about protection with this type of phone case. Fashionable phone cases are all about the individual experience. How do you want your phone to represent you? With fashionable phones, you have a diverse array of features and designs to choose from to best reflect your personal style. If you want mountains on your phone, you’ve got it. Glitter contained within the phone case itself? Check.


    Fashionable phone cases even have certain features that other types may not necessarily come with. For example, say that you want to be able to check your makeup throughout the day without having to bring around an additional compact mirror. Your fashionable phone case could have its very own mirror and card holder compartment! While this type of case may offer plenty of design and feature options, you will likely face some difficulty if you want a heavy duty fashionable phone case. Typically, fashionable phone cases are only considered part of the slim phone cover category and will not offer the same level of protection. Otherwise, the phone case would no longer be considered fashionable without a sleek design and profile.




    4. Armband Phone Case

    This is a highly practical phone case. Armband phone cases are perfect for on-the-go phone users, particularly if you play sports or consistently work out at the gym. By strapping your phone safely to your arm, you will not be able to drop your phone, even if you are in the middle of a race. Additionally, this phone case can increase the portability of your phone; no longer will you have to place it in a locker while working out or drag it from machine to machine, hoping that you will not accidentally drop a weight on it.


    The armbands that come as a part of your phone case are also geared towards the athlete, containing sweat-absorbent material. Like clear cases, the type of protection that this case offers depends on the user’s preference. If the user prefers a slimmer design while they are working out, then they can get an armband phone case with a thin profile. The only potential downside to this type of phone case is that it doesn’t always make sense to be wearing one, especially if you are at a non-sports event or at work.


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