The Samsung Galaxy S10 - Is it Worth the Wait?

There has been a lot of buzz about the upcoming release of the Galaxy S10 lineup of phones from Samsung. This time out, phone watchers will be excited to learn that there are multiple models available to choose from. Each one offers a few luxury upgrades over the previous model. There are four models in total and surely one that will meet your demands and your budget. This is the lineup with the starting prices:
  • Galaxy S10E weighing in at $750
  • Galaxy S10 ringing in at $900
  • Galaxy S10 Plus costing users a cool $1,000
  • Galaxy S10 5G, which, sadly, we do not yet have a price for One thing Samsung has consistently done with their phones is to pursue a perfect blend of technology, form, function, and style. The Samsung S10 does not disappoint.
What are the most Exciting Features of the Galaxy S10?
One of the many commonly asked questions about the new Galaxy S10 has now been answered as well. Will it have a headphone jack? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” All wired headphone lovers can safely rejoice at the news that you are not required to purchase a dongle or Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favorite tunes on your new Galaxy S10. All models are equipped with 3.5mm headphone jacks.
When is the Galaxy S10 set to release? Preorders are being accepted now with an anticipated release date of March 8, 2019.
But what is the most exciting feature of the new S10?
It’s impossible to name one. These are just a few that come to mind right off the top.
  • The beautiful edge-to-edge screen
  • The ability to wirelessly charge other devices from your S10 phone
  • Cutting-edge ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader
  • Options of up to 1TB of onboard storage
  • Don’t forget the cameras. With up to four rear cameras with 16-megapixel ultrawide sensors in addition to the front-facing camera, the photography capabilities of the S10 and S10 Plus are superior to most you will find on the market today (or coming soon for that matter). The 10E (or lite version of the Galaxy S10) has a more basic camera though perfectly acceptable for the average consumer’s needs. It will take excellent selfies, group photos, and candid shots at a wallet-friendly price point.
    But here’s the real beauty of the new Galaxy S10 phone models. Even though there are plenty of new and exciting details about the phones, they still look and feel familiar as well.
    One thing that has raised a few eyebrows with the Galaxy S10 is what refers to as a “cold storage wallet” capable of storing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and select others.
    Not only does this legitimize cryptocurrencies, but it also positions Samsung for a major head start in securing the business of those who are making the transition to this type of currency and looking for tech products to support it.
    One other mobile phone company has introduced phones with cryptocurrency-friendly features, but none on the scale of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and none with the cache of the Samsung name behind them.
    What’s Not-so-Great About it?
    Some people have expressed disappointment that the new Samsung phones do not feature 3D facial recognition technology for unlocking the phones. It is something many people were anticipating that has not come to fruition. Even with the 5G model that will be released later, there are three-dimensional or depth-sensing features, but not what fans were really hoping for with this model. Perhaps in time for the S11?
    Others are not happy with the price tag of the latest Samsung model. While the Lite does offer plenty for new users to be excited about and is certainly worth the upgrade, the higher priced versions of the mobile phone offer far greater advancements, superior cameras, and considerably higher price points – placing them out of range for many consumers.
    Fortunately, the Galaxy S10E helps to relieve the price pressure of the new Samsung while providing plenty of technology and feature updates to make it worth the investment.
    How does it Compare to Other Phones?
    The display on the Galaxy S10 is almost as large as the Galaxy S9 Plus, and the camera is far superior. Plus, the RAM has been upgraded from 6 GB on the S9 Plus to 8 GB on the S10, and the internal memory has doubled from 64 GB to 128 GB with the newer model.
    While iPhone’s new plus model has a slight size edge of the Galaxy S10 Plus, Apple is unable to match the quality display by Samsung’s high-resolution OLED display with HDR10+ certification. With the new Samsung, you can even view your screen in bright sunlight without any problems. Apple, eat your heart out!
    Fantastic Accessories for Your New Phone
    Once you have decided on the right Samsung Galaxy S10 phone model to meet your needs, it’s time to accessorize. The right Galaxy S10 case is an essential tool. Not only can it be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. It also offers key protection for your phone. When you find the right S10 case supplies, you can even buy several cases, so you have one to match your favorite handbags, wallets, or even to match your mood.
    Of course, Galaxy S10 accessories go much deeper than skin deep. You’ll also need to make sure you have the right charging accessories for use at home and on-the-go. You’ll also want to invest in a quality Galaxy S10 screen protector. Even despite the Gorilla Glass v6 display, it never hurts to add a little Galaxy S10 screen protection of your own into the mix. In fact, it could help quite a bit by extending the beauty of your screen and your enjoyment of your phone.
    Mobile phones are no longer small investments. At the new price points and with mobile phone carriers offering fewer great deals on these phones, it’s more important to choose well and protect the investment you’ve made. Choose a Galaxy S10 case or a Galaxy S10 Plus Case that will do just that by offering all around protection without sacrificing style at We’ve served over five million happy customers with our huge selection of quality Samsung mobile phone accessories, cases, covers, screen protectors, and more.
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    Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 worth the wait? We believe it may be the very phone you've been waiting for. 

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