Top 10 Mobile Accessories for Travel - 2018

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

Many people travel to relieve some stress, but often times travel can be the cause of stress. To keep it in check, be prepared, for anything on the way to your destination. We’ve rounded up the top 10 mobile accessories to take on your next trip to help make your travels both positive and memorable.

1.) Selfie Stick

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

Because sometimes you need a longer arm. With the selfie stick you have more distance in your shots and more options to capture different angles and views. It will totally help amp up your insta feed when you post those pics. Your followers will “like” and you will too.

2.) Headphones

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

Whether your catching up on your favorite TV shows/Movies, listening to your favorite music or podcasts or chatting away with friends this is a must-have travel item. Never board a train, plain or automobile without your headphones. 

3.) Shock Proof Cases

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

We are all most likely guilty of dropping our phone from time to time. If you are not, then consider yourself lucky. Shock Proof Cases are like a security blanket for your mobile phone. It means that if dropped from a significant height your phone can still function afterward with little to no damage done. Better to be safe than sorry.

4.) Glass Screen Protector (Shock Absorbant)

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

Protects your screen and prevents scratches and/or major cracks. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to replace your phone’s glass screen protector than the screen itself. Most screen protectors should be changed every 3-6 months.

 5.) Power Bank

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

Most likely when you travel, you take lots of photos, have lots of apps open, talk on the phone and use your phone for entertainment purposes by watching tv, listening to music, etc. This means your battery will run out sooner rather than later and this could be a very bad situation when traveling in unfamiliar territory. This is where a power bank comes in. You can easily charge your phone without the use of a power outlet. Super convenient when you are out and about exploring the town.

6.) Clutch with a wristlet

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

The perfect size for your travel essentials - lip gloss, keys, phone, debit cards, etc. The best part about the wristlet clutch is that it allows your hands to be free for other things like taking pictures. They are especially convenient at night or when exploring unfamiliar territory so you can keep your personal items close and safe.

7.) Magnetic Car Mount

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

To navigate safely to your destination, try a magnetic car air vent phone holder. It can easily be attached in the air vent and quickly removed without causing any damage making it perfect for any car including rentals. It is designed to hold your mobile phone in the optimum position for safe viewing of the screen while driving.

8.) Multiple Cables for Road Trips

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

If you aren’t traveling solo and you have travel companions then make sure everyone’s device stays charged up and running. Four devices can be charged at the same time with a 4 port USB mobile phone car charger.

9.) Ring Grip

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

This mobile phone accessory is extremely handy when traveling. You can use it as a stand to read, watch videos, etc. And it is also great for holding your phone steady when filming or taking photos. It folds flat when not in use, so you can still keep your phone in your pocket or clutch without adding extra bulk.

10.) Waterproof bag/case

Top 10 Mobile Accessories For Travel - 2018

If you are a big selfie taker and you take your phone everywhere with you during your travels (which you should),  you may want to pick up a waterproof case. In addition to helping your phone deal with the usual like dust, rain and sand, it can be inexpensive and a reliable way to keep your phone from getting severe water damage.

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Safe Travels!

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