Top 5 Power Bank Safety Tips

Top 5 Power Bank Safety Tips

Power banks and portable chargers are meant to be convenient, friendly, and easy to use. Many power banks today, run on lithium-ion batteries to deliver the best charge for devices running low on energy. Power banks ensure your phone is properly charged whether you’re enjoying a morning hike or on a week long road trip. There is no doubt these products are safe to use, but like all electronics, there are some safety tips to remember when using your power bank.

Know What You’re Buying

When buying power banks, it would be wise to pay attention to the technical specifications and these terms.


  • mAH Rating: a unit of electric charge

  • Lithium-Ion v Lithium-Polymer Batteries: Lithium-Polymer batteries are sleeker and thinner, but Lithium-Ion batteries have a higher energy density and cost less to manufacture. Having said that, most tech companies use Lithium-Ion batteries.

  • Efficiency: normal standards are between 80-90%

  • Device Depletion: the charging limit or current status of a battery at the time it is plugged in

High And Low Temperatures

  • Keep your power bank away from extremely high or low temperatures and other heat sources. This can cause the battery to overheat, especially under direct sunlight.

Keep It Dry


  • Just like most technology, water is not a friend. Keep your power bank safe and dry at all times. Water damage can lead to having to say goodbye. Having said that, here are some tips on how to save your wet electronics.

Don’t Overcharge


    • Most power banks don’t necessarily have this problem, but products that have been made without power protection (ensures that the battery stops charging once it has reached full capacity) can lead to exploding due to overcharging.

    Leaking Cell


      • In the chance that you see your power bank leaking, refrain from allowing the liquid to come in contact with your skin or eyes. Carefully clean the area and dispose of the leaking cell.

      Even though there are a more than a few things to remember, portable chargers and power banks are one device that once you get one, you can’t live without it.


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