Must Have Accessories For An Emergency Kit


You ever feel like the second you need something, you don’t have it? That time when your phone unexpectedly dies on you is the one time that you forgot to grab your charger? Or the second you need to call someone, you don’t have your phone in your back pocket?


Those kinds of things seem to happen to us all the time. One thing I’ve learned is to always keep an emergency kit on hand to be ready for the worse. Especially when it comes to your phone. Below we’ve collected a list of the top phone accessories that we think are necessary to be kept in every emergency kit.


1. ADATA 8000mAh Water Resistant LED Power Bank, Black - $29.99

With this affordable, water (and dust!) proof LED power bank you’ll be covered with any emergency you run into. In our opinion, this is a must-have for any emergency kit.


2. 4000mAh Slim Portable Power Bank, Black - $15.99

We all know the feeling of our phone dying the second we need it. It gets even worse when there isn’t an available outlet to plug it in at. Fortunately, with this portable battery charger, you won’t have to worry about this. You can plug your phone in, regardless of where you are, and boom, phone charged.


3. 3FT Lightning 8-Pin to USB Charge Cable, Blue - $16.99 - For Iphone users

Can you go wrong with always having an extra phone charger on hand?


4. Checkered Type-C Reversible to USB Charge Cable, Gray - $3.99 - For newer Android user (Galaxy S8 and newer)


Although you may start out thinking you don’t need it, I’m pretty sure you’ll thank me later when you use your USB Type-C cable.


5. Micro USB Charge and Sync Cable, White - $2.99 - For older Android users (Galaxy S5, S6)

 Let’s just say that, when it comes to chargers, you’re going to want as many as possible. After all, we all have that one friend who forgets theirs. Here we covered the 3 most popular types of charging cables in use, Lighting Cable, Type-C USB Cable, and Micro USB Cable.


6. Original Griffin PowerJolt Dual USB Car Charger, Black - $9.99

First off, you need this in your emergency kit because your phone is never expected to stay charged throughout an entire car ride. Secondly, it’s even better because you’ll have two charging ports, never having to wait your turn to use it.


7. Cellet Universal Waterproof Bag Sleeve, Black - $9.99


We’ve all heard the horror stories about the person who ended up breaking their phone because they forgot to pack a waterproof bag sleeve for their phone. I’m sure I’m not the only person who dreads this very same thing happening to them. If you take my advice, this is something you should invest in ASAP.


Overall, I think we all know the importance of having an emergency kit filled with phone accessories. Who knows when disaster will strike and you won’t have a phone charger, right? We hope that this blog post has helped you to get a better idea of what your emergency kit should be filled with.

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