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Lugging around the oversized purse that pains your neck is so yesterday! These days it’s all about convenience and mobility. If you’re someone who needs versatility in your mobile accessories, our cell phone wallet cases are the perfect solution for you. Carry your credit cards, cell phone, and driver license all in one place. Head out of the house for the day with a light and compact smartphone wallet clutch and kiss the neck pain goodbye! These cases can be dressed up or down and are ready to tackle the day or night alongside you.Fancy night ahead? Our wristlet cell phone wallet makes a chic addition to any outfit. Browse our selection of smartphone wallet cases and save on yours today!


Here at CellularOutfitter, we know it’s a challenge to find your perfect match, so we’ve hand-picked some of our best-sellers! To start with, we wanted to introduce the Embossed Butterfly Wallet Case that’s been stealing our hearts! *PHOTO OF BUTTERFLY CASE* Available in about 7 different colors, this wallet case also comes with amazing features like it’s detachable matching case, extra card slots, and a wristlet! Why wait? Grab this wallet case and always be ready to be on the go. Next up, our Ultrasuede Slideout Wallet Case! This is a LIFE SAVER. This accessory comes with 5 card slots, a detachable wristlet, and a cash sleeve. Want a different color to match your new outfit? No worries! This wallet case comes in 4 different colors of black, blue, purple, and pink. You’ll never meet another case like it. Hurry and shop while supplies last! Last, but not least! Our Limited Edition Multi-Card Wallet Case! This is the accessory that you NEED if you have a bit of a loyalty card addiction. With 6 inner card slots and an additional 3 outer card slots, this wallet case will keep you wanting more. Discover the array of colors that this multi-use case comes in! Don’t let it split away. Get yours today!